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Chris Sawyerr - Story of a Scam Artist

Everything below is the truth. Simply Google the facts yourself to verify this information. And remember that the information online is only the tip of a huge iceberg of fraud, spanning well over a decade. But despite the evidence, his arrests and eventual confession, Chris still feigns innocence and pretends this never happened. But what would you expect a scam artist to do?

This is the true story of an internet conman. A criminal who since 2001 has stolen hundreds of thousands of pounds from individuals and charity, all whilst pretending to be a successful businessman and project manager in south London.

He uses religion as a way to solidify his reputation, takes short-term jobs as needed to appear legitimate, and the money this criminal steals is not used to merely survive, but is spent on sustaining a highly lavish lifestyle; living in 5-bedroom mansions, buying designer clothes, owning luxury cars and even taking flying lessons.

World, meet Christopher Ebunolorun Sawyerr, born 27th August 1982, Sierra Leone. First arrested in Durham North Carolina USA in 2002 for major online fraud, deported from the USA in 2003, and recently arrested again in London June 2012 for major online fraud:

Chris Sawyerr - Glamor Photo
Chris Sawyerr - How He Normally Looks

Simply Google the name Chris Sawyerr and you will find many sites spanning over a decade that detail his multiple scams on various forums – and this is only the tip of the iceberg, given all of his recent scams used false names.

Following his arrest by Metro Police and subsequent confession in June 2012, after a decade of scamming and running failed companies Chris realized things had gotten to the point he could go to prison (and still could), so he decided to get a real job, albeit a short-term one whilst things cooled down.

Leveraging the same saccharin charm and ability to lie that he uses to scam his victims, in mid-2012 Chris got a job as a Project Manager at Ferrovial Agroman Airports Ltd, working at Heathrow Airport. Chris has scammed hundreds of thousands of pounds in just the past few years, has been arrested multiple times, has even been deported, yet he was approved to work in London's busiest airport. So much for security and background checks. Chris left Ferrovial in late 2012 for reasons unknown, perhaps they discovered the truth about him.

We all know scam artists lurk online waiting to rip us off, taking advantage of the anonymity of cyberspace. We hear about the odd arrest, but rarely do we get a glimpse into the lives of these professional criminals. This exposé details what victims, investigators and police have compiled on Chris Sawyerr, and it is a very compelling insight.

It is hoped that this information will prevent future scams from taking place, and perhaps those around Chris may realize that he is not the successful businessman they thought he was, but is actually one of the most insidious and evil scam artists the World has witnessed.

Multiple Arrests and Still Scamming

Chris Sawyerr has confessed to stealing many thousands of pounds after his multiple arrests, first in the USA in 2002 and most recently arrested in London in 2012. However, he is still flourishing from online fraud.

Today he mostly scams international buyers of expensive items, always using false names ever since his first arrest in 2002, hence most recent victims do not realise they were scammed by Chris.

He recently lived in a 5 bedroom mansion worth £1.2m in leafy Wilbury Avenue in Sutton, South London, moving from his prior 5 bedroom mansion in Mapledale Avenue in Croydon. He adorns himself in designer clothes, takes flying lessons (he would like to be a pilot one day, for when he owns a private jet), buys the latest Mac goods, enjoys celebrity-style photo shoots, routinely travels, recently upgraded from a black Mercedes to a white Range Rover Sport, and even gets himself into high profile events like Didier Drogba’s birthday party.

Chris Sawyerr's recent 5 bedroom house in Sutton

Chris Sawyerr's Range Rover Sport (stock photo)

Chris Sawyerr's Mercedes

What is most concerning about Chris, or ‘Ebun’ as some know him, is not that he is a well-practiced and profitable scam artist operating in secrecy to those around him; the world is unfortunately full of slippery crooks like him.

It is not that Chris is so eager to steal money that is intended for the Red Cross or sick children; we all know that some criminals are truly evil scum.

It is not even that the main reason Chris steals is to feed his highly narcissistic love of himself; believing that he truly deserves to live like a pampered celebrity.

No, what is most concerning about Chris Sawyerr is that even after his multiple arrests, besides his deportation from the USA he remains effectively unpunished, receiving the equivalent of a slap on the wrist from UK Police. He continues to live his lavish life, as if nothing ever happened, and now works in the Westminster area of London whilst plotting scams to bring in extra money on the side.

Chris continues to steal money that he thinks he deserves, and may soon target you or somebody close to you. He believes that no one can stop him.

Why This Exposé

Despite his multiple arrests and confessions to stealing thousands of pounds across two continents for over a decade, weaknesses in UK law have meant Chris Sawyerr has continued unabated with his internet fraud.

Chris has caused immense emotional and financial distress to many of his victims, with some losing thousands of pounds and having to sell up or shut down their already struggling businesses. Especially struggling music studios, which typically buy expensive equipment they normally could not afford for short-term projects, and then sell the equipment to get their money back. Many are not aware of who scammed them, only knowing a false name Chris used, so this exposé serves the purpose of linking Chris to his many aliases and IP addresses as well.

Chris has been given multiple opportunities to repay his recent victims over the course of 2 years, but refuses to return their money. He is now over 30 years old and has tried to get himself a real job, but shows no signs of remorse or regret. This material is also intended to spread knowledge of his criminal character to those who think they know him. Only when Chris has repaid all victims that request their money back, and donated a sizable donation to the real Red Cross charity, will this material be considered for removal from the Internet (and it is spread across many sites).

Just like Kony 2012, the World must be educated about this despicable criminal and his crimes. Hopefully we can all learn to avoid being scammed in the future.

A Sawyerr Never Repays His Debts

Whilst Chris can afford excesses typically associated with successful entrepreneurs, his formal statement to UK Metropolitan Police in June 2012 was that he was 'unemployed' and could not return any of the money he recently stole through fraud.

Obviously if Chris can afford a £4000/month 5 bedroom mansion, holidays and a new Range Rover Sport, then he could return what he stole to the small percentage of victims that have come forward, but he chooses not to.

Even with 2012 job at Ferrovial and latest job in Victoria/Westminster bringing in legitimate cash flow, Chris still has not returned a single cent to his recent scam victims. He wants people to believe his scamming is 'behind him' - and as if by wishing it, he is now somehow entirely admonished of any responsibility or accountability.

Victims of Chris Sawyerr's Ferrari raffle scam in 2002 (more on that below) can attest to the difficulty in getting him to return their money, even when in custody. It seems that Chris believes he is somehow entitled to the money he steals through online fraud, as if he somehow ‘earned’ it, and can supplement any short-term legitimate income with the proceeds of crime, whenever he wants.

It is clear that his first arrest and deportation from the USA a decade ago did nothing to curtail his native scamming tendencies. Although all this luxury that Chris enjoys is mostly funded by fraud, those around him still think he is a successful businessman or project manager. With a new job at Ferrovial, Chris has funds that he could use to repay his victims, but he will not.

The Ridiculous Ego

Apart from his longevity scamming for over a decade, the most remarkable thing about Chris Sawyerr is his over-inflated ego.

His sense of entitlement and unbridled narcissism is truly astounding.

Chris is so practiced at scamming and presenting a false persona of success to those around him, that he now truly believes himself to be a successful, entrepreneurial, even glamorous businessman. It sadly appears that his family, friends and associates in church seem to buy it – as if he is a shining example of what an African immigrant can achieve in the UK - like a black Richard Branson or Donald Trump. They don’t question how he can afford his lifestyle, as they believe he runs multiple businesses across fashion, property, import/export and IT.

Chris is so in love with himself that he spends some of his stolen money on serious ego-stroking, such as a giant poster of himself in a tuxedo:

Or getting his image mocked-up onto the pavement:

Or even commissioning mock-up graffiti of his face:

Chris is a big fan of celebrity makeover studios like Ikemedia in London, where he often gets professional photography of himself in various poses, showcasing his short-statured pudgy self as best he can, in a variety of very unfashionable clothing. The results are truly laughable:

Chris SawyerrChris Sawyerr
Chris SawyerrChris Sawyerr

His Winning Formula
(or 'How he gets away with it')

You might wonder; how could Chris Sawyerr get away with this high level of scamming for so many years?

The truth is Chris is an expert at scamming not only his victims, but also those around him into believing he is a legitimate businessman. Cajoling victims and colleagues is perhaps the one thing Chris is good at, and he even uses religion to bewilder his victims - something he has in common with most West African scam artists.

Chris has adapted and evolved his techniques for over a decade, eventually hitting on his ‘winning formula’ - a technique that abuses a Metro Police reluctance to investigate fraud comprising less than £5000.

It is a little known fact, but those charged with enforcing the law in the UK lack the resources to investigate anything other than individual fraud cases exceeding £5000. Chris is well aware of this fact, so always scams for less than £5000 at a time, and is careful to scam less than this in total per false name he creates as well. Across many false names, he has scammed hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Chris likes to go by many false names, including ‘Chris Sawyer’ (with one ‘r’), 'Ebun Chris Sawyer', 'Ebinolorun Sawyerr' , 'Max Winwood', 'Max Gregorian', 'Michael Smith', 'Michael Vaughn', 'Simon Putnam', 'Michael Cohen', 'Tom Grafton', ‘ Administrator’, etc, etc… you get the picture. He also has lots of fake bank accounts and registered companies that typically become insolvent after a few years.

Still, he managed to get caught again in 2012 through carelessness and foolishly using one of his own company bank accounts (METRO HOMES & PROPERTY DEVELOPMENTS) as backup to receive stolen funds. His name has also been accidentally exposed to victims as well through PayPal payments.

Chris Sawyerr's real name mistakenly exposed through a PayPal payment gone wrong

He recently started using his own Mother’s name, Rosalind Marcella Sawyerr as Director of one of his front companies (CHRISTIANSEN & KAISER CONSULTANCY LIMITED), rather than himself. Given his criminality, it is no surprise that Chris is willing to involve his almost 70-year old retired mother directly in his fraud, putting her at risk of investigation.

Chris now relocates his primary residence every 12 months or so, and also ensures that he is ex-Directory in the UK phone directory.

To further protect himself, Chris now only targets victims in foreign countries to the UK, favouring countries where English is not the main language (e.g. Poland, Italy, and Brazil). Chris knows it is difficult to lodge fraud cases from abroad via Interpol, especially with a language barrier in the way, and he knows that fraud of less than a few thousand pounds will be automatically ignored anyway.

Chris using the address of a neighbour's property to steal money

During the course of a scam, if Chris needs to provide his victim with a residential address, he of course provides a false address – but he often uses an address next door to either his home or company address. For example, he has used ‘4 Meadvale Road Croydon’ as a false address whilst he was living at 2 Meadvale Road Croydon. He also routinely used the false address of  ‘37 Mount Nod Road Streatham’, when his company URBAN HYPE was registered at 35 Mount Nod Road.

Chris clearly likes to rummage through his neighbours’ mail, and he is known to drive up in his Range Rover Sport to check for mail around 5am in the morning.

Be warned if Chris Sawyerr lives near you!

Beginnings of a Con Man

Chris Sawyerr has been stealing money through confidence fraud for over ten years, so let us travel back to when it all began: soon after the new millennium in a small town named Durham, North Carolina USA.

Chris Sawyerr
Chris Sawyerr in school, Streatham UK, before moving to the USA
Until his teens Chris lived in South London, attending school in Streatham, but later moved to Durham, North Carolina USA with his Mother. In 2001 Chris was in his final year at C.E. Jordan High School, North Carolina, and not being one for honest work Chris quickly realised that eBay was a great way to sell things for money to earn a quick buck, but of course, never deliver anything. 

His many eBay usernames including 'cmpbiz' & 'invest360’ were quickly de-registered after a barrage of negative feedback, but that didn’t stop him from hiding his eBay feedback and using the same names to target buyers on other forums.

After graduating from high school in 2001, Chris stayed in Durham NC and quickly moved onto scamming through web forums, predominantly defrauding buyers of Ferrari parts on, a move that eventually saw him deported from the USA in disgrace.

Since arriving back in the UK in 2003, Chris went to Kingston University for a brief stint (although no record exists of him completing any degrees), and even got a job for two years at Skanska UK.

Knowing how deceitful Chris is, one can only imagine the lies spread across his resume that got him the job at Skanska. No wonder he only lasted two years there. Chris is not the type of person you want working for your company, and by all accounts he was a terrible employee, only interested in his own self benefit and helping himself to office supplies.

After his most recent arrest in London in June 2012, Chris wanted things to calm down so briefly worked at Ferrovial Agroman Airports Ltd, and now works in Victoria. Most certainly those at Ferrovial that hired him have no idea about his significant criminal past and recent Adult Caution for major online fraud. Chris is a significant liability to any law-abiding operation, and one of the most untrustworthy individuals a business could ever hope to not hire. You cannot trust a single word that comes from his mouth.

The Great Ferrari Raffle Scam


In July 2002, whilst in the USA, Chris realised that instead of scamming individual buyers, he could establish a fake Ferrari raffle complete with website, offering 2000 tickets at $100 each and steal himself US$200,000 in one go.

Proceeds of Chris Sawyerr's raffle were said to be going towards two charities: ‘Save The Children’ and the ‘Red Cross’. As we know, Chris is happy to steal money intended for charity, and will even use religion as a means to justify his crime.

Chris Sawyerr's original raffle post, aiming to steal $200,000 intended for charity

Owners of Ferraris do not become successful through being stupid or gullible, and so Chris was quickly found out to be running a scam after forum members directly contacted the Red Cross and Save The Children.

What followed was nothing short of amazing.

Chris continued to profess his innocence with claims such as:
This is all getting out of hand and frankly i dont have the time and patience for all of this back and forth nosense.” (sic)
I dont see why i have to give you anything apart from necessary information about my business so you can feel comfortable about my raffle to which you havent even bought a ticket."(sic)
To everybody else with negative comments and slanderous statements i wish you all a great time and life and and i wash my hands of all of you.” (sic)
 He even came out with this gem:
P.S This isnt a Nigerian scam or any scam whatsoever and i am not a Nigerian. I am an American.” (sic)

Well it was all a scam, in fact a major crime, and as it turns out Chris was not even American, but a citizen of the UK born in Sierra Leone, right next door to Nigeria!

With hundreds of Ferrari-Chat victims contacting police demanding his arrest, Chris still denied he had done anything wrong. As one victim posted:
He continued to defend his stance, thereby buying him enough time to stage an exit and perhaps even convince more people to send their money. It worked out perfectly, the Red Cross took just enough time to get back to the inquisitors, Chris defended his stance AND he even used religion to solidify his reputation as an honest guy. That's fantastic.

In the end, unlike UK’s Metro Police, USA law enforcement takes such fraud crimes very seriously, and Chris was quickly arrested and deported from the USA. Below is the actual letter sent to some victims by Durham, North Carolina Police Department:

September 29, 2003
Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a long time, but Christopher Sawyerr pled guilty on everyone's case who filed a report with our department. Mr. Sawyerr has turned over approximately $12,000.00 to his lawyer to pay everyone back who had a case against him. Hopefully you will be getting your money soon. For those of you who cooperated with the investigation I thank you for your patience and getting me the things that I needed in a timely manner. For those of you who did not, its too late. Mr. Sawyerr will be deported back to London and this jurisdiction will not extradite him back to North Carolina. If you have any questions feel free to call me at 919-560-4440 or send me an e-mail.

Again thank you all for your patience and cooperation.

Inv. A. L. Jackson

The Classic ‘Chris Sawyerr Scam’

To be scammed by Chris Sawyerr is a very sobering affair. Thousands have experienced it worldwide, and many are too ashamed to even come forward.

Since his arrest in the USA, Chris has evolved his scamming to leverage his 'Winning Formula' - an almost fool-proof way to amass hundreds of thousands of pounds. So even the smartest people now fall victim to Chris Sawyerr.

Chris Sawyerr's preferred scam is to target non-UK buyers, always for less than a few thousand pounds at a time to avoid prosecution. Whilst about 80% of his scams are under a thousand pounds, many are still up to £4000 per scam. He most often targets victims that have posted a ‘Wanted to Buy’ (WTB) message looking for ‘boutique’ goods, and always uses a false name.

Chris will typically make contact with his victims through a forum they are active in (e.g. or, or perhaps respond to a message posted on Gumtree or an equivalent classifieds website.

A typical Chris Sawyerr scam email, in response to a victim's WTB post
Chris will happily sell you anything you want, be it a Lamborghini tool kit, Ferrari wheels, professional audio equipment, synthesizers, you name it. He does his research, and can even discuss the finer points of the goods supposedly on offer.

His username will have been pre-registered for many months before contacting his victim, and Chris will even have prepared for any investigation into his username’s legitimacy by posting knowledgeable messages beforehand on the forum. He is truly a very calculating and insidious scam artist.

Chris Sawyerr Scam
One of Chris Sawyerr's pre-emptive messages, attempting to legitimize his username

He will pretend to be risk-averse as a seller, even requesting the buyer have somebody they know in London inspect or pick-up the goods in person, but this is yet another one of his tricks: Chris is simply testing whether his intended victim knows anybody in London to protect himself. If his potential victim does know somebody in London, he drops all communication.

He has mastered the reverse-psychology of this trick, and even writes “I would prefer to sell or trade to someone in the U.K” when posting his own bogus for-sale adds. This is while he prefers to not scam anyone in the UK so as to protect himself – he is banking on someone abroad asking whether he will ship to their country. He is screening for victims.

Chris Sawyerr Scam
A typical Chris Sawyerr bogus advertisement, looking for victims outside the UK

Chris will mostly be exceedingly polite and courteous, almost to the point of too much false charm, and will seemingly be interested in what his victim is going to use the goods for.  As one of his recent victims attests:
“I truly thought I was dealing with a legitimate seller out of London. His username was already well established on the forum we made contact through, he was knowledgeable of the goods on offer, and even produced photos as requested”.

Chris is well practiced at distracting his victim from noticing they are being scammed, asking innocuous questions such as “How is the weather over there?” and “what kind of music do you record?”.

He will usually offer discounted or free postage via his ‘corporate DHL account’, and will typically request payment into an HSBC or Alliance & Leicester bank account in South London, registered with a false name or registered through one of his front companies like Metro Homes.

A recent victim's payment into Chris Sawyerr's Metro Homes company bank account, for an item sold on Gearslutz and never delivered.

Chris does not like using PayPal anymore, as in 2010 he was stupid enough to register his own credit card against one of his fake PayPal accounts he used to receive payment, exposing his real name when the victim requested a refund.  PayPal also started refunding more of his victims out of their ‘buyer protection’ program, so Chris will come up with any excuse why PayPal cannot be used.

If his victim is confirmed to not know anyone in London and is unfortunate enough to have paid, Chris will politely notify them that payment was received and the goods have been shipped. Typically, he will claim that the tracking number was left on his desk at work, and he promises to provide it in a few days. His victim is none the wiser, and may follow up in a few days asking for the tracking number, but there is no response.

Nothing ever arrives, of course.

Chris Sawyerr has just funded his next round of flying lessons, next luxury car purchase or overseas trip – and has gotten away with it.

When Chris Gets Angry

Whilst Chris appears courteous to his victims, and exceedingly polite to a level of inappropriate saccharin charm, he can become aggressive if things do not turn out as he intends.

One recent victim who had his first payment to Chris rejected (because Chris’ preferred HSBC bank account was under investigation), was subsequently abused by Chris with taunts such as:
Are you serious about buying it?, because if you are not I will need to sell this elsewhere.” (sic) 
I havent sold it yet but I have waited too long for this now.” (sic)
The bullied buyer yielded to the threats and agreed to repay his money into another of Chris Sawyerr’s many backup bank accounts, and in this instance it was an account registered against his now failed company ‘Metro Homes’, of which Chris Sawyerr was the only Director. He really is not very bright.

As another victim testifies;
“I was a bit slow making payment at first as I needed to get a few thousand pounds together, and I then started getting emails from who I now know was Chris using a false name, asking whether I was a serious buyer, and telling me I was wasting his time! I soon paid via bank deposit into an HSBC account in Streatham, but I was contacted only once afterwards informing me my goods were shipped by DHL and a tracking number was pending. All contact stopped after that. This crime has cost me greatly both financially and personally, Chris is truly one evil bastard without any principles.”

A String of Failed Companies

Despite his multiple arrests and deportation from the USA, Chris will profess his innocence until he is blue in the face, claiming that he is a successful ‘self-employed entrepreneur’ running ‘legitimate businesses’, or otherwise working for a real company such as Skanska or Ferrovial, and even uses religion as a way to solidify his reputation.

Considering his so called ‘legitimate businesses’ at face value (and not as a means to funnel stolen money), one could only be left with the impression that Chris is the most hopelessly inept businessman in existence.

There was his ‘Urban Hype’ wholesale clothing business, failed and now liquidated, his ‘Metro Homes’ real estate business, now bankrupt and under pursuit for owed taxes, and most recently his IT Consulting firm ‘Christiansen & Kaiser Consulting’, which generates no revenue through legitimate activity – and due to intensifying scrutiny Chris Sawyerr recently replaced himself as Director with his almost 70-year old Mother, Rosalind Marcella Sawyerr.

Chris Sawyerr's mother Rosalind Sawyerr, now director or his latest company

Chris not only lacks principles but clearly lacks the intelligence to honestly run a successful business. Whilst certainly no business genius, don’t be fooled - these businesses were never intended to return a legitimate profit; they are simply used to cover his fraudulent activities – as a way to explain where all the money comes from, and a means to obtain multiple bank accounts he can use to funnel stolen money through. Fraud is the only way Chris knows how to instantly fund the ’celebrity-like’ lifestyle he yearns for and believes he is entitled to.

Some of his known companies include:
  • CHRISTIANSEN & KAISER CONSULTANCY LIMITED (07361597) – ‘software’, recently his mother Rosalind Marcella Sawyerr (20/9/1946) replaced Chris Sawyerr as Director, due to his arrest. Chris used the company name 'Vaughn & Christiansen Consultancy' in recent scams as well.
  • METRO HOMES & PROPERTY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED (05722322) – ‘real estate’, recently dissolved and owing taxes. The company bank account was used directly for fraud.
  • URBAN HYPE UK LIMITED (05006380) – ‘imported & clothing’ (dissolved), at one stage shared co-directorship with one of Chris Sawyerr’s accomplices, Charles Benjamin Prempeh.
  • WILTSHIRE NURSERY LIMITED (07313388) – ‘day care’, run by his Mother (about to be dissolved).
  • TENDER LINKS DAY CARE LTD (05423868) – ‘day care’ (dissolved).
  • HOMESTEAD NURSERY LIMITED (04848480) – ‘day care’ (dissolved).
  • EBUNLOLA LIMITED (07546032) – recently registered under false name ‘Dr Noidia J Von Radloff’, registered address very close to Chris’s old residence at 26 Grimwade Avenue, Croydon.

A Network of Criminals

Chris has a number of acquaintances that are in on his scams, often referring to him as “Bossman” - they all look up to him as a sort of lead conman.

Whenever his accomplices need to discuss scams, they are sure to use Skype given they believe their phones or multiple mobile services could be tapped.

These accomplices include Raymond ‘Jimmy-Ray’ Jones, Rifkin ‘Tiger’ Dodoo, Blackie Marole, Charles Benjamin Prempeh, Rosalee Wilkins, and Isaac ‘Humble’ Ameyaw. They often find themselves in trouble with the law, and Chris is more than willing to recommend use of his lawyer, who is well practiced at assisting immigrant West African fraudsters deny and hide everything.

Given his success at scamming and lack of punishment, Chris appears to have grown his criminal operation beyond the UK, and even now whilst working for Ferrovial is orchestrating a network of underlings across West Africa who perform much of his dirty work around emails and sourcing information.

Chris sends enticements like phones as reward for his workers successfully scamming money on his behalf. Tiger Rifkin, one of his underlings based in Ghana, refers to Chris as ‘Bossman Ferrari’, and no doubt hopes to be as ‘successful’ as Chris one day, operating his own African scamming network out of a large 5 bedroom house in London.

Another of Chris Sawyerr’s scamming workforce is one Isaac Ameyaw, also going by the name ‘Isaac Humble’, who like Chris positions himself as a highly religious practitioner of the Christian faith and routinely attends church. Be sure to check out his hilarious YouTube rap. Isaac, or ‘Ike’ as many know him is well aware of Chris Sawyerr’s criminal activities and assists with his crimes. Isaac was even a co-Director of Chris Sawyer’s failed company Metro Homes, which was confirmed by police to have been used to funnel the proceeds of stolen money, and the company phone was even used to contact victims when payment was not received as expected. Isaac’s twitter is @ikehumble.

Chris Sawyerr's accomplice in crime - Isaac Ameyaw (Isaac Humble)

Another of Chris Sawyerr’s crime henchmen is one Charles Benjamin Prempeh, who was co-Director on two of Chris Sawyerr’s failed front-companies; Metro Homes and Urban Hype. Charles is older than Chris by 5 years, so is a little wiser about getting too exposed in his crimes, but he is well aware of what goes on, and assists as needed. Bros must look out for their bros after all.

I Deceive and Steal, But Jesus Forgives Me

One of the most curious traits exhibited by Chris Sawyerr is his frequent attendance at Church. Whilst his theft from charities such as the Red Cross is reprehensible, Chris appears to believe that weekly attendance at a church absolves him of sin. This is not uncommon amongst Nigerian and other West African scammers.

Chris has no qualms systematically stealing from countless victims to live in a 5-bedroom mansion, take flying lessons and driving a brand new Range Rover Sport (which incidentally he drives to church on Sundays).

Chris Sawyerr dressed up and showing his 'success' in church

His favoured event is typically some kind of gospel even in South London, and for a while he was a regular at Trinity Baptist Church (2 Thornlaw Road, West Norwood) which held events such as "The Bridge" youth Service. In contrast to his actions, Chris acts holier-than-thou to those around him, frequently quoting bible passages on Facebook.

In reality, anyone that is truly religious would consider Chris Sawyerr’s deceit and crimes appalling. He shows no signs of remorse, or any indication that he will stop stealing to fund the lavish life he craves. There is nothing spiritual nor religious about his actions – he is a malevolent, heartless scumbag that is intent only on his own amassment of luxury goods, at any cost to his victims.

In reality, Chris is no different to a pedophile priest – he abuses something that is sacred to many as a cover and justification to commit major crime for his own narcissistic benefit.

Your Help Is Needed

Hopefully you will have learnt something if you have read this far.

If you are looking to buy anything online, ask many questions of your seller, ask for all contact details, contact them via phone, probe their history, Google their name, request to speak to past buyers, and request highly customised photos of the goods on offer. Never pay using bank transfer or Western Union. Only pay using PayPal or other means where you have at least some way to secure a refund.

Chris Sawyerr has aspirations that feed off his scamming – including becoming a multi-millionaire (eventually a billionaire), being a property mogul, travelling the world, and piloting commercial planes - which requires at least some level of moral compass and trustworthiness. How would you like someone as untrustworthy as Chris Sawyerr, an individual that will steal from charity, piloting your next international flight?

Chris is now working at Heathrow airport as a project manager, and believes that over a decade of scamming is 'behind him', although he hasn't repaid a cent. Old habits die hard as they say, and rest assured that Chris will ramp his scamming back up again after he thinks things have died down. Chris Sawyerr simply cannot resist the easy money that online fraud offers - it is his quick path to the lavish lifestyle he believes he is entitled to.

Hence action is a must. He must be stopped.

The more people who learn about Chris Sawyer’s crimes and activities, the fewer people will fall victim to his fraud. Chris relies on his anonymity, and this is how we can fight back.

His many victims are calling on the power of the Internet to spread the word about Chris Sawyerr. 



Please link to this page from your Facebook, Tweet it, share it however you see fit. 

If you live in London, please make sure that everyone you know learns about Chris Sawyerr and his decade of fraud crimes, as chances are someone you know believes Chris to be a highly successful entrepreneur, and may be thinking about paying him money.

Chris Sawyerr
BEWARE - Chris Sawyerr plotting his next scam

To Chris Sawyerr and those who support him – your time has come. Your true nature and decade plus of countless fraud crimes is finally coming to light. Attending church will not absolve you of your abhorrent crimes - including stealing from the helpless recipients of charity. Unless you truly admit your crimes and repay everything you have stolen to those you defrauded, and signify your repentance through donating to the real Red Cross, the World will continue our cause to ensure everyone learns about you, and you will eventually pay. We acknowledge you are entitled to a right of reply, we very much look forward to your response. We know exactly what to expect.

Sanitised details shared to ensure victims, past and present, find their criminal:

Recent arrest: 2012 by Metropolitan Police for major online fraud. Chris Sawyerr confessed to all crimes, claimed he could not repay any of his victims, and was said to be imprisoned as a result of his confession.

Email addresses used for fraud:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and many more.

False names used for fraud:
‘Chris Sawyer’ (with one ‘r’), 'Ebun Chris Sawyerr', 'Chris E Sawyerr', 'Ebun Sawyer', 'Ebinolorun Sawyerr', 'Max Winwood', 'Max Gregorian', 'Michael Smith', 'Michael Vaughn', 'Simon Putnam', 'Michael Cohen', 'Tom Grafton', ‘ Administrator’, 'Vaughn & Christiansen Consultancy', 'Rosalind Marcella Sawyerr', 'Rosaline Marcella', 'Roselind Sawyerr', 'Roseline Iyamide-Sawyerr',   etc.

IP Addresses recently used for fraud: 
  • - British Telecom
  • - British Telecom
  • - Virgin Media Broadband
  • - Ethernet
Registered companies used for fraud:
  • CHRISTIANSEN & KAISER CONSULTANCY LIMITED (07361597), also scamming under 'Vaughn & Christiansen Consultancy'
  • URBAN HYPE UK LIMITED (05006380)
Full Name:  Christopher Ebunolorun Sawyerr
Date of Birth:  27/08/1982
Nationality: British Citizen of Sierra Leone descent
Recent Location:  Sutton, Surrey, SM2 7DU
  • 'Self Employed' scam artist, in operation for over 10 years
  • Since August 2012 working at Ferrovial Agroman Airports Ltd as a Project Manager on the new Terminal 2 construction at Heathrow Airport. 
  • Worked briefly at Skanska UK.

  • Kingston University London (no records of any degrees completed)
  • C.E. Jordan High School Durham NC USA (2001 year) 
Car:  2010 Range Rover Sport in White, previously black Mercedes


Further reading and evidence:
   On Gearslutz pro-audio forum (registration required):

Reproduction permitted and encouraged. Copied and propagated across the internet. Chris Sawyerr's current contact details withheld for privacy reasons.
The author of this exposé was approached by multiple victims who wanted their story told, and did not charge for this service. It is hoped that by educating the World to the risks posed by con men such as Chris Sawyerr, future crimes can be avoided. All contents have been independently verified. Any readers wanting to continue the cause against this criminal are encouraged to investigate further. Only when Chris Sawyerr repents and repays all his debts, and makes a sizable contribution to the real Red Cross charity, will this information be removed.  

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